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Taboo FX

Can't get enough "Taboo" on FX? Dive deeper into the mysteries of Tom Hardy's thrilling TV series with weekly Instacasts and follow-up analysis of each episode. Following on the heels of their hit "Westworld" podcast, the Shat on TV team works with the audience to explain every twist and turn through interactive episodes and well-researched insights.

Feb 14, 2017

Still loving "Taboo"? You might be in the minority. As FX's "Legion" launches and Tom Hardy's drama turns darker, some viewers are jumping ship. Hear why some fans are grumbling and why others are jumping to the defense of "Taboo."

This Taboo FX edition of Shat on TV covers Cholmondeley's gun powder factory, Lorna Bow's search for James Delaney, Dr. Dumbarton's true allegiance, Chichester making Sir Strange squirm and the dark cloud of cholera.

And, of course, we've gotta talk about Zilpha killing Thorne and rushing to the bed of her (half) brother. Spoiler alert: The scene is sexy until James' dead mom shows up.

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